Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs)


Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) are software meant to document experiments and research data. They act as a replacement for paper lab notebooks in the context of the digital transformation. ELNs include features such as protocol templates, collaboration tools, support for electronic signatures and the ability to manage the lab inventory.

Further resources

  • ELN Finder - Demo - Tool to help researchers searching and selecting a suitable ELN thanks to more than 40 filter criteria.
  • ELN Filter - Selection of ELNs that are suitable for the life sciences and that can be filtered out according to criteria (English, German).
  • ELN Guide - ELNs in the context of research data management and good research practice – a guide for the life sciences (English, German).
  • Free consultation sessions to get advice on the selection and introduction of an ELN (forschungsdaten@zbmed.de).
  • Video tutorial series (only in German).
  • Working groups on ELNs (e.g. in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany).
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